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Ashlee Jefferies - big play award 2008

Ashlee Jefferies - Tascosa

Why Honored: Tascosa was tied 0-0 against Midland Lee in a Region 1-5A area playoff last season. The defense pulled up tight on Jefferies, underestimating her speed. She dribbled for 30 yards, had a one-on-one with the keeper and put the ball in the net with 23 minutes left. Tasocsa won, 1-0, to reach the regional quarterfinals. 

Quotable: "She just had so much speed that she could get behind the defense so they always worried about her. Even if she wasn't able to score in a game, she's able to take the attention to her to free up her teammates to score. She was a vital part of our offense."
- Coach Jose Samora