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Chism Henderson

chism henderson - dee henry memorial award 2018

Chism Henderson - McLean High School

Why Honored: During the 2017 season, the McLean Tigers were facing off against Knox City in the regional final. A junior at the time, Henderson took an extremely hard hit during the third quarter. He appeared to bounce back quickly, finishing the game after only coming out for two plays and even added a 40 yard touchdown to his already impressive stats. While the Tigers were celebrating their 75-44 win, Henderson began experiencing more and more pain. He was eventually airlifted to the hospital where it would be discovered that the third quarter hit had ruptured his spleen, lacerated his liver, and fractured his vertebrae. He went on to spend a week in the ICU.

Fast forward to the 2018 season, after Henderson fought through his recovery in the hopes of getting to play football once again, and McLean had earned themselves a spot at the state championship. Henderson was a key component to their win. He ended the game with six tackles for minus-65 yards, two sacks, and a defensive MVP honor.