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Cameron wolf - dee Henry memorial award 2015


Cameron Wolf - Spearman Track

Why Honored: On Sept. 20th 2013, Wolf experienced a life-altering accident. Wolf was attending the weekly bonfire in Spearman the night before a big football game with Sunray and was asked to light it, which included pouring a bunch of gas on the wood. Wolf recalled that right after he hit the lighter "it was click and then everything went red." The fire consumed Wolf's torso, face, and both arms, with third-degree burns covering 40 percent of his body. After a long recovery, Wolf battled back and made the state track meet for two years in a row, winning the 300 hurdles in 2014 and placing second in 2015.

Quotable: "After what happened I was in rehab for six months or so. I wasn't really able to move. It was slowly getting better. I finally got released and my coach didn't want me to do hurdles my sophomore year. I just did the mile relay. I got better movement through the summer and through football and track my junior year. It kicked my butt. I had to work a whole lot harder. I didn't have the mobility I once had. The recovery gave me motivation getting through all that. It was like a challenge. Winning is a big surprise to me. I figured I'd run and do alright. I just wanted to do it because it was fun. To get gold at state was above what I expected. It was shocking. I was happy though."
- Wolf