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Age 7 - 18 years old*
*18 year old participants must be in high school
$110 per participant
Season Begins October 16
Fall Session Game: Valorant

For any questions about this season, contact Legacy Airsoft and Gaming at 806-318-3006 or


What are esports?

ESPORTS, short for electronic sports, is a term used to describe competitive video gaming where individuals, teams, or leagues of players compete to win tournaments. Participation in ESPORTS has grown tremendously in recent years, with kiddos of all ages taking part in this new and exciting type of sport. 

The organization of ESPORTS turns online gaming into a spectator sport that mimics the experience of participating in a traditional sporting event. However, instead of taking part in a physical event, competitors are competing against one another in video games. 

benefits of participating in esports

Taking part in an ESPORTS league can be very beneficial for children of all ages. Playing electronic games on a competitive level can teach similar skills to other sports. 

As they do with all team oriented activities, participants will learn how to communicate with their teammates and how to work together to accomplish a common goal. Children in this league will also learn to create and follow strategies, as well as learn about good sportsmanship and what it means to both win and lose. 

ESPORTS can be a great option for kiddos who may not wish to participate in traditional sports for various reasons. For one, ESPORTS give children who may not possess high levels of athletic ability a chance to shine and succeed in a competitive, team focused environment. ESPORTS can also be a great option for children with physical or medical circumstances that may prevent them from participating in more traditional sports.

Kids, Inc. is excited to partner with
Legacy Airsoft and Gaming
to provide a quality ESPORTS experience
to all participants!