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Jimmy Lackey - President & CEO

Jimmy R. Lackey
President & CEO

Jimmy is a 1985 graduate of West Texas State University with a degree in Secondary Education. He received his Master of Education in Educational Administration in 1996 from West Texas A&M University. Jimmy has 32 years of executive nonprofit management experience.

Jimmy has been married to his wife Kim since 1988. They have three daughters, Jayla and her husband, Seth, Kennedy and her husband, Luke, and Hallie. Jimmy also has one grandson, James.

Jimmy's favorite pastime is spending time with friends and family. He is also very proud to brag on his professional colleagues and the role they play in providing opportunities for children and families in the community.

One of Jimmy's lifelong passions is playing his drums. Once a scratch golfer, he now simply plays for fun. "In other words, my golf game no longer exists!"

He is a self-professed computer geek and enjoys accounting and working with graphics design and productivity software.