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Kids Inclusion

what is kids inclusion?

Kids Inclusion is a program designed to offer a “middle of the road” adaptive sports programs. This program will provide opportunities for:

  • typically developing children who don’t enjoy or have the necessary skills for the traditional Kids Inc. sports programs
  • the many children who do not qualify as an athlete under the guidelines of other programs
  • programs for individuals ages 4 and up

The idea is that ALL kids deserve to play sports regardless of disability, diagnosis or natural skill set.

Our hope is that siblings, friends and/or classmates of children with a disability will get to participate together in a friendly and fun environment. Right now there is not a program for the “middle of the road” kids and they are the primary target audience for Kids Inclusion. We will also begin to educate the importance of inclusion, teamwork and relationships between typically developing kids and children with special needs, not only amongst the kids, but with adults and the community.

In all sports, there will be winners and losers. However, in this program, everyone is a winner, especially if a new friendship is formed. If this program can encourage less bullying for children and adults alike, our goal is for everyone involved to reset their focus from the black and white concept of winning to the love of the game.

Safety is always our number one priority and precautions have been put in place to ensure the safest atmosphere for your children. All coaches and volunteers will complete a training that focuses on typical occurrences you may see with certain diagnoses as well as evidence-based inclusion practices and strategies. Teams will be divided as evenly as possible at a required “open practice” prior to the beginning of each season. Rules and modifications for each sport will be made by a team of therapists from the Turn Center as necessary. Rules and modifications will vary based on each participant if needed, however the basic game rules will remain in place.


“Kids Inclusion has been a blessing for Lenny. It helped her come out of her shell and overcome her anxiety. She may not have been the best soccer player but this was more than about the sport to her and us. It was about her gaining confidence in herself.”
- Michelle Molberg, daughter is Lenny, 5 years old

“Corrik loved soccer! We enjoy that the kids can just go out and PLAY, there is no pressure to win and parents encourage and praise each player, no matter the team they are on. It’s a great environment for any kid who just loves sports of for the kid who is brand new to the idea and wants to be able try it out without any pressure!”
- Angie Ames, son is Corrik, 8 years old

“It’s never too early to teach kids how to include everyone. In a world where so many lines are drawn, Kids Inclusion is an awesome way to blend all levels of development together while having fun. We had a blast learning both the basics of soccer and the first steps of interaction with all types of awesome kids!”
- Kinsey Morgan, sons are Tripp and Graeme, 4 and 5 years old

“We are beyond thankful for the Kids Inclusion program. We LOVE getting to watch Matthew play a team sport. Watching these kiddos compete and have fun is  awesome! They all have their little quirks but they are free to be who they are in a non-judgmental environment. Such a good program!"
- Rachel Santana, son is Matthew, 7 years old

For those with disabilities

All participants with a disability will be required to complete a medical form with physician signature as part of their registration. This is to ensure safety with participation in the sports offered by Kids Inclusion. Click the link below to download the medical form.

key words

Key words you will hear as part of Kids Inclusion:

Participant: any child or adult who is playing a sport within Kids Inclusion regardless of diagnoses, disability, or typically developing; everyone is equal in this league

Coach: any adult who has completed training and is volunteering with Kids Inclusion

Inclusion: allowing kids of all abilities to play on the same team no matter what

Modification: changing certain aspects of rules to allow for better inclusion practices without altering
the integrity of the game

Become A Kids Inclusion Coach

If you have a genuine love for kids and sports, and also have the temperament and patience to work with participants of all skill levels, then Kids Inclusion is for you!

We will provide thorough training for our Kids Inclusion coaches so they will have the ability to work with individuals with various abilities, as well as certain disabilities.

If you have an interest in coaching in this program, please click the link below.

Click here to become a Kids Inclusion coach.