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Background Checks

Submit A Criminal Background Check Online

All staff and volunteers are required to have a current Criminal Background Check on file in the Kids, Incorporated office. A positive criminal history report must be obtained before an individual is allowed to be hired as a member of the professional staff, serve as a volunteer coach, or before being allowed to officiate for the various sports programs.

Click here to complete an online Criminal History Authorization Form.

Download A Form

This form also includes the criteria used by Kids, Incorporated to determine and individual's eligibility.

Most of our downloadable forms require Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer. 

What Is A Background Check ?

A criminal background check (CBC) is a manual or data base search of state and/or local government files to determine if the individual applying to volunteer has had a past criminal conviction. A CBC must be sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that all convictions are revealed. For example, a check of records in only one state will likely not reveal a conviction that occurred in another state where the individual previously lived. And, a check only for child molestation convictions will not uncover a burglary or assault conviction.

Kids, Incorporated conducts its background checks online through a subscription service. This is an example of how part of your program fee is used. Kids, Incorporated can usually receive results in a matter of seconds rather than days or weeks.

Why Are They Important?

Parents enroll their children in a Kids, Incorporated sports program fully expecting that they will be safe from harm. Conducting a CBC is one of several actions Kids, Incorporated must take to protect our participants from abuse. Others include meeting with our volunteers regarding rules and regulations, especially as it pertains to sideline behavior and perceptual issues related to interacting with children.

To be effective, a CBC must be conducted before the volunteer is permitted to associate with children and must be done annually on all volunteers regardless of their position or the number of years they have been involved in the league.  All Kids, Incorporated professional staff members are also subject to annual background check reviews.

How Accurate & Thorough Are The Background Checks?

Background checks are only as accurate as the criminal records. For example, if the criminal court records in a county contain inaccurate or incomplete information on an individual, then the information that we receive on that individual will also be inaccurate. Occasionally, we sometimes receive conviction records that require us to ask additional questions of the individual to verify information and ensure that the record actually pertains to that person.

There have been instances where Kids, Incorporated cannot verify an individual report through our available resources. When this occurs, the individual will be required to furnish a criminal history report from the Texas Department of Public Safety before being approved.