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Tackle Football

Tackle Football

The Kids, Incorporated Tackle Football program is open to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. The fall 2023 season will begin on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

  • Fourth Grade Division- A child must be in the 4th Grade.
  • Fifth Grade Division- A child must be in the 5th grade.
  • Sixth Grade Division- A child must be in the 6th grade and cannot turn 13 on or before November 1 of the current school year.

Proof of Eligibility: At any time during the season, Kids, Incorporated may request proof of eligibility (grade) for any participant. 

The fee for tackle football is $125, which includes:

  • Kids, Incorporated will fit each player with a set of shoulder pads, a helmet and a pair of pants. This equipment must be returned at the end of the season. Replacement cost is $60 for shoulder pads, $150 for helmets, and $35 for pants.
  • A jersey for the player to keep (participants must wear the official Kids, Incorporated jersey in order to be eligible to participate in each game)
  • A mouthpiece
  • A year-end individual award
  • Eight league games
  • Paid officials

Player's Equipment

Kids, Incorporated provides each child with a helmet, shoulder pads, and pants with pads, all of which are to be returned as soon as the season ends. Mouthpieces will also be issued, however, we won't need these back!  Once a team has a total of 15 paid players (complete with signed parent waivers), the coach may submit the team roster to our office and signup for an equipment checkout time.

Coaches Equipment

Each Coach is provided 2 footballs and a tee.

Restricted Positions

For safety reasons, Kids, Incorporated implements a restricted position policy for its tackle football program. Players will be weighed one time only. This occurs during equipment checkout.

Restricted players may not:

  • Play the quarterback, running back, or receiver position on offense.
  • Line up in the nose-guard position on defense (head-up over the center)
  • May not advance the ball (except in the case of a fumble or an interception)

Restricted players will be allowed to participate on the punt team, punt return team, kickoff team, and kick return teams, but may not advance the ball (except in the case of a fumble).

The restricted position policy applies to players as follows:

  • 4th grade, 115 lbs & up
  • 5th grade, 125 lbs & up
  • 6th grade, 135 lbs & up

proof of eligibility

NOTICE TO ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANSAt any time prior to, or during the season, Kids, Incorporated may request proof of eligibility (grade and/or age) for any participant.

Also, a parent/guardian must list the school where the child currently attends, not where they "prefer" to play. Our teams are formed based upon where children attend school. Any deviation from this guideline must be approved by the Director of Programs.


The 2023 Toot'n Totum Food Bowl for our 6th grade tackle football teams allows each team the opportunity to get to play one extra game at the brand new West Texas A&M University Buffalo Stadium. Spectators are asked to bring $1 or one can of food to be donated to the High Plains Food Bank.